Eye Cataract Services You Might Need As Your Cataracts Progress And Affect Your Vision

8 November 2022
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If you keep up with your regular eye exams as your eye doctor recommends, the doctor may find signs of cataracts before you're aware you even have them. If you haven't seen your eye doctor in years and notice the signs of cataracts, consider making an appointment as soon as possible so you can begin monitoring and treatment. Here are some eye cataract services you may need as your condition progresses.

Prescription Changes For Your Eyeglasses

In the early stages of cataracts, your vision may not be too impaired. However, you may have vision changes quicker than you would if you didn't have cataracts. You may need to see your eye doctor more often so they can monitor your cataracts and maintain your vision as well as possible.

You may need a stronger prescription to help you read and do other tiny work, such as sewing or crocheting. You may have difficulty doing tiny work and reading due to how cataracts make things look darker. Your eye doctor can recommend things to do at home, such as increase lighting, that will help your vision.

Monitor And Track Your Cataracts

It's important to see your eye doctor on the schedule they recommend so they can track the growth of your cataracts. If your cataracts are slow growing, you might be able to avoid or postpone cataract surgery. During this time, your doctor may want you to do things that might slow down the progression of your cataracts.

The doctor may recommend wearing sunglasses while outdoors and improving your diet so your eyes get the nutrition they need. Also, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, the eye doctor may talk to you about controlling your medical conditions in an attempt to control your cataracts.

Cataract Surgery To Remove The Clouded Lens

Cataracts aren't necessarily harmful to your eyes, they just affect your vision. That usually gives you time to plan the surgery. If your cataracts progress to the point that you can't see well enough to read or drive, even with new glasses, you and your eye doctor may decide it's time to have surgery.

You may need surgery in both eyes, but your doctor will only do one eye at a time and wait for the first eye to heal before doing the second one. Cataract surgery is done in your eye doctor's office or clinic under local anesthesia. You'll be awake the entire time and in no pain since your eye will be numbed.

Cataract surgery replaces the clouded lens of your eye with a new clear lens, so your vision should improve right away once your eye has healed from the surgery. You might still need to wear glasses, but your problems with clouded vision will be relieved once your old lenses are removed.

For more information, reach out to eye cataract services near you.