3 Tips For Reducing Your Recovery Time After Cataract Surgery

7 March 2017
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Cataract surgery is an excellent method for removing your cataracts and improving your vision. During surgery, your optometrist is going to remove the clouded lens of your cataract and will replace it with a new lens that is going to be perfectly clear and made out of plastic. This going to allow you to see much more clearly than you likely ever thought you would ever be able to see again. While the procedure is fairly common and doesn't take a great deal of time, you are still going to have a period of recovery that you will have to go through. This article is going to discuss 3 tips for reducing your recovery time after cataract surgery. 

Use Antibiotic Eye Drops 

After cataract surgery, your eyes are going to be much more prone to infection. Your optometrist will likely tell you this and will prescribe you some antibiotic eye drops. Even if your eyes feel great and you don't think that they are infected or at risk of becoming infected, it is going to be in your best interest to take the antibiotic eye drops until the prescription is done. This is simply going to ensure that your eyes are kept as healthy and infection free as possible during the recovery process, which will essentially reduce your recovery time because things can go smoothly. 

Protect Your Eyes When Outside 

When you are outside, there is a much larger chance of debris getting into your eyes, such as dirt, dust, and other outdoor pollutants. This is going to be made even worse when the wind is blowing, it is raining, etc. A great way to protect your eyes when you are outside is to wear sunglasses. This is going to create a barrier between your eyes and everything that could potentially get into your eyes and harm them during your recovery process. 

Avoid Pools And Hot Tubs 

There are all sorts of germs, chemicals, and other kinds of pollutants in hot tubs and pools. Because of this, you are going to want to avoid them entirely until your eyes have completely healed. It is much too easy for you to accidentally open your eyes while in a pool or hot tub and get a bit of water inside of them. This is not only going to cause you some pain, but it can also lead to an infection that could have been entirely avoided. 

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