Why Getting Glasses And Contacts Is A Good Idea

15 March 2017
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If you have found out that you need to wear corrective lenses, then you may be wondering whether you should go with glasses or contact lenses. The answer is that you may want to consider going with both forms of corrective lenses. They each come with their own list of benefits to offer, and having the option of wearing either one will be very convenient at times. Learn about the benefit of having both glasses and contacts by reading the information offered to you here:

Glasses are maintenance free

Glasses give you the benefit of better vision without maintenance. The only things you need to do when you wear glasses is to make sure you don't scratch them and clean them off when they get dusty and/or dirty. You can clean them with the cloth that came with them and a spritz of eyeglass cleaner. If you have no cleaner, then you can even wash them by hand with some liquid soap and lukewarm water.

Glasses come in many styles

You can purchase glasses that come in a lot of different styles. You can go with basic frames all the way up to high fashion frames. This allows you to choose a pair of glasses that look and feel great on you. You can even purchase accessories for them, such as special cases designed in a way you like and cords so you can hang them around your neck so you have them readily available and so they don't fall and break.

Contacts allow you to show off your eyes

If you are going somewhere where you want to look and feel your best, then you may want to go without your glasses. In this case, you can put in your contacts. You can wear makeup that others will see when you are wearing contacts or you can sport your favorite pair of shades even when you have contacts in. You may want to keep your contacts with you even when wearing glasses, in case you find you'd like to switch it up and go with the contacts for a bit instead. For example, if you find you want to lie down and watch a movie and the glasses are getting in your way of comfort, you can simply wear the contacts so you can see the movie without the glasses messing with your comfort.

Contacts can change your eye color

If you have ever thought that it would be nice to be able to change your eye color, then contacts can give you the chance to do this temporarily. You can get contacts in just about every natural eye color and even in eye colors that don't really exist, such as purple or even red.

For more information on glasses and contacts, talk to an optometrist from a clinic like Bucks Eye Specialists.