3 FAQs About Prosthetic Eyes

15 November 2017
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If your doctor has suggested removing a damaged or diseased eye, you have options to regain your original appearance. While you can't see through it, a prosthetic eye is a great option to consider. If you aren't sure about a prosthetic eye yet, check out these frequently asked questions.

Why Is a Fake Eye Important?

A fake eye is particularly important for those feeling self-conscious about having a missing eye because a good prosthetic eye looks realistic. However, a prosthetic eye does more than that. When you lose an eye, the socket will eventually collapse into itself, drastically changing the shape of your face. When you get a fake eye, however, an ocular implant is inserted. This orbital implant ensures your socket stays open as if you still have an eye. This way, your face doesn't change shape.

What Are They Made From?

Prosthetic eyes are often referred to as glass eyes because in the past, they were commonly made from glass and looks much like a large marble. However, today, they are much more advanced and consist of two parts. The orbital implant and the prosthetic piece you see when the eye is open. The orbital implant cannot be removed, but the prosthetic can, and it is usually made from materials like plastic acrylic. It's important the material is gentle to the delicate eye tissue. Thanks to the ocular implant, the prosthetic doesn't need to be spherical, but it is concave to fit comfortably behind the eyelid.

What Is the Procedure?

The procedure is usually performed at the same time your eye is removed, and surgery is required, but a local anesthetic is usually all that is needed. The ocular implant is placed deep inside the eye cavity. The cavity is then sutured shut, so the ocular implant is unable to be seen or removed without surgery. This creates a small space between the sealed eye cavity and the eyelids, and that is where the prosthetic is placed once the area heals. Talk with your eye doctor about possibilities to keep eye movement, such as attaching the eye muscles to the implant.

Having an eye removed is a traumatic time, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that a prosthetic eye can return your appearance, so no one will even know you've had your eye removed. For more information, contact an eye doctor in your area, such as those at a place like Master Eye Associates, to schedule a consultation and have all your question answered.