When Should You Take Your Child To The Eye Doctor? 4 Signs To Help You

22 May 2019
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Your child isn't always going to tell you when their eyes hurt them, or when they can't see. Your child's eyesight could be poor and you won't even know it. There are a few signs you can watch out for that will help guide you and tell you when to get your child in to the eye doctor for an exam and checkup. Here are four signs to watch out for:

1. Constant Headaches

If your child is coming home from school complaining of headaches, it may not be the school work giving them the headaches -- it may be from struggling to see all day long. If your child's headaches persist, it's time to take your child to the eye doctor for an exam. If your child has other issues, such as neck pain or shoulder aches, these can also be signs of poor vision. Hunching forward to see and squinting can lead to all of these ailments.

2. Squinting To See

If your child is squinting to see or holding things closer to their eyes to see, this can be a sign of poor vision. Keep an eye on how your child is holding their book, homework, or tablet/phone. If they are holding it closer to their face, or you see them squinting, make an appointment with the optometrist right away for an exam. 

3. Having A Difficult Time At School

If your child is having a hard time at school, their grades are dropping, or your child suddenly doesn't like school, it may be due to having a difficult time seeing. A drop in grades or a hard time learning is sometimes confused with having a learning disability, but it could in fact be a vision issue. This is especially true with much younger children, and it's because what they are seeing is not what it actually is. Have your child's eyes tested to be sure it isn't a vision problem. A pair of glasses to help your child see the way they are supposed to can really help your child with school and in their daily life.

4. Eyes Are Turned In Or Out

If you look at your child and see that their eyes are turned in or out, whether it's one eye or both, it's time to make an appointment with the optometrist. Their eyes could worsen and it can permanently affect their eyesight. This is something that may be able to be corrected with eyeglasses, or your child may need surgery to correct this issue. Take your child to the optometrist immediately to prevent further problems with their eyesight.

If you aren't sure when to take your child to the eye doctor, use the signs above to help guide you. If you notice any sight issues with your child, take them to the optometrist just to be on the safe side.