The Pros And Cons Of Switching To Contact Lenses

22 November 2021
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People often see making the change from glasses to contacts as a positive one. Indeed, contacts do have a lot of benefits over eyeglasses. However, they are not for everyone. There are some people who ultimately decide that glasses are a better choice for them. So, should you make the change from glasses to contact lenses? Consider the pros and cons of such a change as described below.

Pro: You'll be able to see clearly when it's rainy or humid.

Wearing glasses in the rain or in humid conditions can be really annoying. The glasses fog up or get so wet you can't see through them. This is not a problem when you wear contact lenses. You can wear them out in the rain or in really humid weather and see just as clearly as you'd be able to see in any other weather conditions. If you are someone who runs outside or works outside, this makes contact lenses a great option.

Con: You have to touch your eyes to put them in.

Putting contact lenses in can be a little tough at first. Most people do eventually get used to doing this. But some people don't. If you absolutely hate touching your eyes and the areas around your eyes, then wearing contact lenses may not be for you.

Pro: You have a full field of vision with contact lenses.

If you wear glasses, then you know you can't see anything clearly when you look to the side, past your lenses. With contacts, on the other hand, this does not happen. The contact moves with the lens of your eye, which means you get clear, magnified vision at every angle. This makes contact a good choice for drivers, athletes, and readers, especially.

Con: Contact lenses put you at an increased risk of infection.

With contacts, you really do need to keep your lenses and your case clean. You need to wash your hands before inserting or removing the contacts, too. If you're not really careful with these things, you may end up with an eye infection. Eye infections are treatable, but they are still an annoyance you're less likely to deal with if you stick with glasses.

So, do you want to switch to contact lenses? As long as you're dedicated to using good hygiene and you don't mind touching your eyes, contacts tend to be a really good choice.