Clear Your Cloudy Vision With Safe And Effective Cataract Surgery

16 January 2018
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When your eye doctor tells you that you have cataracts, you might not need surgery right away. It depends on how quickly your cataracts progress and how much they interfere with your life. The only way to improve your vision when you have cataracts is with surgery. Glasses won't help because the lenses of your eyes become cloudy and glasses won't make the cloudiness go away. Fortunately, the cataract procedure is a fairly quick and safe surgery to undergo and it can restore your sight. Read More 

3 FAQs About Prosthetic Eyes

15 November 2017
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If your doctor has suggested removing a damaged or diseased eye, you have options to regain your original appearance. While you can't see through it, a prosthetic eye is a great option to consider. If you aren't sure about a prosthetic eye yet, check out these frequently asked questions. Why Is a Fake Eye Important? A fake eye is particularly important for those feeling self-conscious about having a missing eye because a good prosthetic eye looks realistic. Read More 

How A New Pair Of Glasses Can Help You Sleep At Night

4 September 2017
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If you have trouble sleeping at night, you're not alone. It's estimated that at least 60 million people in the United States have difficulty sleeping at night. While there are many potential causes, one common issue is the use of blue light during the hours before sleep. You may be exposed to blue light and not even know it. Thankfully, a new pair of glasses can help. Why Electronics Are So Bad For Sleep Read More 

Diagnosed With Coats Disease? Here Are The Basics

6 June 2017
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If you've been dealing with white reflections in your visual field for some time, you may be a bit relieved to finally have a diagnosis. But still, being told you have a rare condition called Coats Disease can be overwhelming. You're sure to have a few questions on your mind. Seek comfort in these answers. Why are you developing this condition? Many people blame themselves when they are first diagnosed with Coats Disease. Read More 

4 Fast Facts About Lasik Vision Correction

5 April 2017
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The ability to see in a clear, concise manner is something you should never take for granted. Not only is vision important for reading, writing, and completing simple mundane tasks, but it is also necessary for making memories that will last for years to come. Wearing prescription glasses or contacts is a great option for restoring your vision. However, laser vision correction is a more convenient and permanent treatment. Considering 8 out of 10 patients no longer need to wear corrective lenses after Lasik, undergoing the procedure may be the ideal solution for you. Read More