Eye Health And Swimming: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

6 July 2021
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It's the summer season, and much of your free time is likely spent in the water. What you do not want is a painful or irritated eye on your fun summer water outing. Unfortunately, water can cause eye damage, especially if there are irritants in the water such as chlorine, dirt, and other contaminants. The following are some simple steps you can take to avoid any eye injuries or irritations during your summer fun: Read More 

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Eye Exam

10 March 2021
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For most adults, an appointment with the eye doctor is no big deal. You go into the office, undergo the tests, and go about your day when you leave the office. However, for children, it is a completely different story. One of the most important — and difficult for kids — parts of an eye examination is remaining still. If your child has problems staying still, keep reading to learn a few tips on how to ensure your fidgety little one stays put. Read More