Basic Preventative First Aid For Contact Lens Wearers

12 July 2016
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Contact lenses offer a solution for poor vision without the inconvenience of glasses. When properly worn and cared for, contacts are a great vision option with few accidents or problems. However, every contact wearer should know which behaviors are most likely to lead contact malfunctions. Here is what you need to know about avoiding contact lens problems and how to respond if they occur.  Infections Most problems with contacts come from mistakes with care and wear. Read More 

3 Ways To Naturally Improve Your Eye Health And Vision

6 July 2016
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Just as it is important to feed your body the right foods and nutrients to keep it healthy and working its best, the same idea is important for keeping your eyes and vision as healthy as possible. Recent studies have determined which vitamins and nutrients can help improve your eyesight and health of your eyes. Here are three ways you can improve your eye health and vision. Increase Your Intake of Lutein and Vitamin A Read More